Notary Colchester Ventures out into the Snow!…

You might think that this is hardly headline news, but for me it is!  Many of you who have met me, know that I have a difficult relationship with ice and snow…This stems largely from an accident in Iceland (no not the store, the country)! a few years back, which resulted in multiple fractures.  Let’s just say my right leg is so full of metal now, that the security systems at airports are quite a challenge!

Anyway, I avoid going out in the snow if at all possible, but business carries on as usual, with my intrepid clients managing to make it to my door and ignoring my well-meant warnings that we should rearrange until the pesky white stuff has disappeared.

Nevertheless, my constant companion with the cold nose and the warm heart (Bill the labradoodle) decided it would a good idea to make me face my fears.  The result being a cold but happy walk in the local country park which I managed to survive unscathed!

I have not been temped to dig out the sledge however!

Stay safe everyone!