Notary Checklist

Time is often of the essence with Notarial matters and because I work full time as a Notary Public, I can react quickly to your enquiry and often your documents can be ready for you on the same day.  However, early contact will enable me to take full instructions and advise you of any action that needs to be taken before your matter can be completed.

Please take a moment to read the guidance notes below to prepare for the next steps:

A Notary Public is required by their professional rules to satisfy themselves of your identity. You can assist greatly by ensuring that you produce original identification documents for my inspection as soon as possible.

Typically I will need to see either your passport, or a photo card driver’s licence. In addition I ask to see proof of your residential address which may be provided in the form of a recent utility bill or bank statement.

A Notary’s duty to identify the client helps preserve the reputation of the profession and means that the seal and signature of your Notary Public is both recognised and accepted worldwide.  For Company clients, identification requirements can be dealt with on initial contact but will not routinely be required for repeat instructions – ensuring a speedy response time and efficient completion of your documents. Most identification documents required from Company clients will be readily available to a Notary Public from Companies House.

As soon as possible, please let me have sight of any documents you wish to be notarised, together with any instructions you have received as to how they are to be finalised. You can forward relevant emails to me or scan documents and correspondence you have received. Providing me with full details in this way can often assist in expediting the work you wish me to undertake for you and minimise costs.

Generally you will need to sign your document in front of the Notary Public so that your signature can be properly witnessed. Please do not sign your document before we meet.

Third Parties
Very often, notarial work involves third parties – for example lawyers in the jurisdiction where the document to be notarised is to be used. Giving me contact details for these third parties promptly, together with permission for them to deal with me, can often assist. I can then establish if they have any particular requirements that need to be taken into account. Early contact with the receiving jurisdiction can prevent delays.

Terms of Business
I will provide you with details of my terms of business which I ask you to read carefully and to raise any questions with me as soon as possible. I ask that you sign and return a copy of the Terms of Business or provide written confirmation that you have read, understood and agreed them.  In the event that you do neither, your continued instructions will be deemed acceptance of my terms of business.

Fees and Release of Documents
Wherever possible I will provide you with a fixed fee for the work I undertake.  I will give you details of other costs involved such as Apostille fees and various postage options.  If time is of the essence I have a FedEx account and can arrange for your documents to be collected from me and shipped by international priority service – saving you the time of trying to arrange this yourself.

For client convenience, payment may be made by credit or debit card if preferred and at no extra charge.