It’s a Small (Notarial!) World…

The One World Celebrations at University of Essex were a joy to witness!  The University has been rightly recognised for its international profile and the fact that its staff and students come from over 152 different countries.

A quick glance at my Notarial Register today showed me that I have notarised documents for use in South Korea, Canada, Australia, USA, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Dubai, Honduras, Germany to name just a few – and all in a matter of weeks!

Whilst I can’t lay claim to reaching as many countries as our impressive University of Essex just yet, I am pleased that the acts of a Notary Public are recognised worldwide and that I can facilitate the completion of so many transactions for businesses and individuals.

The world is shrinking.  As a Notary Public, I like to think that I am helping to make it that little bit smaller for my clients – in a good way of course!